On Wednesday, June 15th, our website will officially transition to www.adelfibanking.com. We will continue to roll out rebrand changes in phases to minimize any impact. Thank you for your continued patience and understanding.


See How We're Different

Our New Name

Logo Wordmark

The root of our new name is the Greek word “adelphos/adelphoi” that is used throughout the New Testament to mean brothers and sisters in Christ. This word occurs over 300 times, including Mark 3:35 and Hebrews 2:17. In addition, “adel” is Hebrew for “God is eternal; noble.” The suffix “-fi” is a nod to financial stewardship—gathering God’s gifts for good.

Our New Logo

Logo Breakdown

The graphic component of our logo includes elements that represent individual members, combining to form a collective group, with Christ (represented by a cross) in the center. We use this to illustrate how you—as a single member of this credit union—will impact many in a way that honors God.

Why Should You Bank with AdelFi?

We are a credit union composed of believers, with shared faith in supporting the spread of the Gospel. We’re here for our members today to advance what matters in the Kingdom. Here’s how we are different, and more importantly WHY we do what we do.

Better banking for you and
your future.

Whether you’re starting a family, running a business, serving a non-profit or ministry, AdelFi has products and services that align with both your financial goals and Christian values. No longer will you need to compromise.

   Easy-to-use digital solutions for individuals, families, Christ-centered ministries and businesses.

   Convenient checking and credit card options that meet your daily needs while impacting many with every swipe.

   From mortgages and loans to youth accounts, we serve believers throughout the U.S. and those serving in more than 130 countries.

   We promote responsible stewardship through financial guidance and investment resources.

   We’ve been a trusted resource for over 57 years and serve a growing alliance of believers.

Financial stewardship with a
higher purpose.

By placing your financial resources with AdelFi, you’re uniting your finances with other believers, to advance Christian values with empathy and compassion. Together we’re supporting thousands of organizations around the world that spread the Gospel.

   We give 10% to help spread Christian values.

   You make an impact just by being a member.

   We only support organizations aligned with our values.


AdelFi Kingdom Impact

We aim to be good stewards of our members’ and God’s resources by supporting Christian ministries, non-profits and organizations throughout the U.S. and globally. For us, this means working with our partners to support those called to spreading the Gospel through grants, volunteer hours and in-kind donations.

For more than 57 years, we have collaborated with those of shared faith, to create positive change and be the salt and light of the earth. In 2021 alone, we’ve contributed nearly $1 million in cash and in-kind support, and volunteered 509 staff hours to ministries, missionaries, non-profits, and Christian families committed to serving the Lord, and spreading His word.

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*Kingdom Impact Breakdown

$989,895.00 given through $120,000 Ministry grants, $50,700 Missionary support, and $819,195 donations in-kind for Missionaries’ waived fees.