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Together We Can Advance the Kingdom

At AdelFi, we believe that we are united for a higher purpose, where one impacts many. Across the globe, our members join in partnership with fellow Christian believers working together to protect their God-given financial resources, improve their fiscal lives and substantially impact the world for Christ through purposeful investing. Each member account contributes to funding loans to churches, ministries and non-profits that spread the Gospel and helps provide banking services to missionaries serving internationally, as well as grants to ministries and Christian non-profits.

Adelfi has chosen to partner with Lifeway Research to better understand how Christians manage their finances, and how we as a credit union can help promote others of shared belief to consider aligning their financial decisions with their faith. Through the research learnings, we hope to also galvanize the broader Christian business community to promoting the concept of Recycling Christian Dollars, by joining us in committing to give to organizations that spread the Gospel.

Key Findings from the research include:

   74% of young adults seek to purchase from companies that share their values. Almost as many (70%) seek to purchase from financial institutions that share their values.

   48% of Christian young adults agree that Christians have a responsibility to try to spend their money with companies that are owned or operated by Christians.

   59% of Christian young adults intentionally try to purchase from companies that act in ways that honor Christ.

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Christian Financial Attitudes and Practices

Our Mission:

Partner with individuals, families, Christ-centered ministries, and
businesses to protect, grow, and share their financial resources.


AdelFi Kingdom Impact

We aim to be good stewards of our members’ and God’s resources by supporting Christian ministries, non-profits and organizations throughout the U.S. and globally. For us, this means working with our partners to support those called to spreading the Gospel through grants, volunteer hours and in-kind donations.

For more than 57 years, we have collaborated with those of shared faith, to create positive change and be the salt and light of the earth. In 2021 alone, we’ve contributed nearly $1 million in cash and in-kind support, and volunteered 509 staff hours to ministries, missionaries, non-profits, and Christian families committed to serving the Lord, and spreading His word.

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What Our Members Say

"Your customer service has been outstanding to date. Whenever I talk to an AdelFi representative over the phone, there is a "can-do" attitude. Not to mention, I am glad to know that the Lord's resources are being used to further His Kingdom. It means a lot to me."
John D.
Member since 1993

"In this season of our lives, we like to be good stewards with our money and handle it according to God’s values. It just makes sense to entrust our money to a strong and growing institution like AdelFi that supports the same biblical ideals we believe in."
Anna and Adam D.
Members since 2007

"Just wanted to thank you for your Start Young accounts. Between breaking up wrestling matches among our three boys, we try to impart some character-building skills, and your kids accounts are helping them become more responsible with their money. We appreciate that your team is watching out for us and our boys."
Andrea & Doug B.
Members since 2002