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This Credit Card Makes Good Stewardship Easier


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May 4, 2017

Managing ministry money in ways that reflect good stewardship is a complex task. You have to handle everything from personal expense reports to annual audits. As your ministry grows, it makes sense to use tools that streamline your financial management efforts. The business credit card is one of them. Here’s why your organization should probably have one.

It’s better for your staff

No more personal guarantees means no member of your staff who carries a business credit card needs to guarantee payment. It’s your organization that has to qualify for the card. There’s no limit to the number of employee cards you can have. And your people gain peace of mind with features like emergency cash disbursement and card replacement.

It’s more efficient

The process of reimbursing expenses gobbles up staff time. A business credit card increases efficiency with features like online reporting and individualized expense tracking. You can also reduce the time spent monitoring employee spending by setting and managing the spending limit for each cardholder.

It’s more economical

An ECCU business credit card saves your organization money by charging a low interest rate and no international transaction fees. Plus, there’s no danger of losing funds if a crook gets one of your cards; there’s zero fraud liability.

These features alone make a strong case for getting a business credit card for your organization. Factor in the enhanced security and fraud protection that comes with its EMV chip technology and the convenience and speed of online and mobile account access, and it all adds up to a sound stewardship option.

Learn more about the business credit card available to ECCU members.

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