On Wednesday, June 15th, our website will officially transition to www.adelfibanking.com. We will continue to roll out rebrand changes in phases to minimize any impact. Thank you for your continued patience and understanding.

ECCU is now AdelFi

Better banking. Higher purpose.


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Our Mission:

Partner with individuals, families, Christ-centered ministries, and
businesses to protect, grow, and share their financial resources.


We Know You Well—We Serve You Even Better

For more than 57 years, AdelFi has provided strategic banking services that meet the unique needs of ministries, pastors, and missionaries just like you.

Mission Sending Organizations
Church Plants
Christian Schools & Universities

AdelFi Kingdom Impact

We aim to be good stewards of our members’ and God’s resources by supporting Christian ministries, non-profits and organizations throughout the U.S. and globally. For us, this means working with our partners to support those called to spreading the Gospel through grants, volunteer hours and in-kind donations.

For more than 57 years, we have collaborated with those of shared faith, to create positive change and be the salt and light of the earth. In 2021 alone, we’ve contributed nearly $1 million in cash and in-kind support, and volunteered 509 staff hours to ministries, missionaries, non-profits, and Christian families committed to serving the Lord, and spreading His word.

Hands High Five

What Our Members Say

It has been such a wonderful experience with AdelFi. Your team has been so helpful to us. Each time I call - the support staff are so patient and skilled at resolving our issues. We share the Gospel by providing homes and education for orphaned children in Thailand and Cambodia. We are so blessed by our relationship with AdelFi…our purposes are in alignment.
Annie Snowbarger
Mercy Force International
As a serial church planter, I needed an organization who embodies financial integrity and knows how to work with churches. AdelFi delivered. Their hands-on team helped educate me about setting budgets and other financial issues. Their connections have also allowed me to forge partnerships with ministries who share common goals.
Peyton Jones
Author and Founder of New Breed Network
AdelFi understands missions and missionaries. It can be really difficult to navigate financial issues from overseas, but the AdelFi team understands the nuances of missionary banking. It really lifts a burden off me and helps me be able to focus more on my work. And that’s on top of the blessing of partnering with an organization that really does believe in fulfilling the Great Commission.
Dr. Gina McConley
SIM, Niger, Africa

*Kingdom Impact Breakdown

$989,895.00 given through $120,000 Ministry grants, $50,700 Missionary support, and $819,195 donations in-kind for Missionaries’ waived fees.