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AdelFi has partnered with
CU Members Mortgage

to bring our members the very best refinance home loan experience.

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Should you refinance your mortgage?

Should you refinance your loan?

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How long does it take to complete an online application?

Our online application takes only a few minutes to complete or as long as it takes to answer a few quick questions about your financial situation. Typically, it takes 15 minutes or less.

What do I do after I complete my application?

Our online application is a comprehensive tool that will provide all the resources you need throughout the home loan process. Once your application is submitted, you’ll use the online portal to view tasks that are assigned to you, see the status of your loan and even send private messages to our team should you need to reach them. Once you have submitted your application, expect a call from our team to introduce themselves, then you’ll start seeing emails from us explaining different tasks that have been assigned to you. You’ll log back into the application to see these tasks and submit documents directly to your loan file.

Where can I access my in-progress application?

Right here

Do you offer land only loans?

CU Members Mortgage does land only in Texas and Colorado and only for short duration in conjunction with a construction loan.

Do you offer loans for manufactured homes?

CU Members Mortgage does not offer loans for manufactured homes.

All loans are for US properties only.

AdelFi has partnered with CU Members Mortgage to offer our members the best mortgage lending solution. CU Members Mortgage is a division of Colonial Savings, F.A., a well-established and respected mortgage company dating back to 1952. CU Members Mortgage specializes in offering credit unions home loan products at competitive rates and terms to share with their members.

NMLS: 2167559. Note: For all FAQ questions, Nerdwallet was used for formulating questions and answers.