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Accounts that
grow with them…
wherever they go

Children learn by watching and trying, and when you Start Young it’s easy to teach children how to save— using accounts you can access together.

Parents Bank and Kids (0-7) Learn

Start Young Spending Account

  • No monthly maintenance fees or minimum balance*
  • Parental controls to limit and track child’s account access and activity
  • 24/7 secure access using online banking and mobile app

Start Young Savings Account

  • No monthly maintenance fees*
  • 0.10% APY1
  • 24/7 secure access using online banking and mobile app
  • Parental controls to limit child’s account access

Start Young accounts for kids 0-7 include a Start Young Visa® Debit Card issued to you, linked to your child's account.

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Hands-on Debit Card Training—Without the Risks

Start Young Debit Card

Safely teach your children the basics of using money in a digital world with the Start Young Visa® Debit Card.

Issued to you — Lives in your wallet — Linked to your child’s account to help you:

  • Demonstrate responsible card ownership
  • Explain how card purchases equal real money
  • Introduce simple budgeting and spending limits

All with NO maintenance or overdraft fees*

Features Designed with Kids in Mind

With every transfer you make into their account, or each check digitally deposited with the mobile app, you’re teaching your child the basics of saving money. They experience banking on their level, and you instill your values for managing money.

Youth Account Parent Transaction


Make digital deposits for their chores well done


Easily send deposits from your connected accounts

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Rates Effective: September 01, 2022

1APY (Annual Percentage Yield) reflects the total amount of dividends paid on this account, based on the dividend rate and frequency of compounding, in a 365-day period. For dividend-bearing checking and savings accounts, AdelFi pays dividends monthly on the last day of each month. Withdrawal of dividends and fees may reduce earnings on this account.

*Please refer to AdelFi's Account Agreement and Disclosures and Personal Account Information and Fee Schedule for complete information about each account. All account rates, agreements, terms, and conditions offered are subject to change without notice. For current dividend rates and annual percentage yields, call Member Services at 877.545.0755 or internationally at 714.671.5705.