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To a Christian, membership means opportunity. Joining a community of 10,000+ other believers who have put their money where their heart is. And banking options to align faith and finances.

To a Missionary, membership means support. Saving hundreds of dollars a year on international banking fees and access to dedicated missionary resources.

To a Ministry, membership means multiplication. Receiving specialized loans, banking services and resources for managing church finances to sustain strong, steady growth. ECCU Membership makes a difference, fueling Christ-centered ministry worldwide.

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How to join:

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Individuals and Missionaries

Agree to ECCU's statement of faith and list your church or other organization on your online application.

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If you are the spouse, child, parent (including in-laws), sibling (including in-laws), aunt, uncle, cousin or grandparent of an existing ECCU member or employee. All you need is the member’s name and birth date to complete your online application.

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Churches, Schools and other Non-Profit Organizations

Through your denomination, school association, or other affiliation like ECFA, CMA, and more. If you don’t have any qualifying affiliations, we can still qualify you by your ministry’s statement of faith.

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For-Profit Business

Become a business member based on business owner or 50%+ majority owner(s) qualifying personally through the normal criteria listed under the "individual" section above. If two or more owners have the majority stake, each would need to qualify.