Wire Transfers

Whether you're sending support to a missionary overseas, funding a ministry opportunity or transferring funds same day, ECCU's wire service provides your organization with the fastest and most secure means of sending money. There is no dollar limit for outgoing online wires, other than the amount in your accounts. For safety and security, two users are required to release wires more than $10,000 and optional release amount(s) may be set for each user with access to process a wire.

Use online banking from your computer, tablet or mobile phone to send wires, create wire templates, set wire alerts, and more.

Online Wire Transfer Service screenshot

With ECCU's Online Wire Transfer Service you can:

  • Immediately transfer funds. Any wires received before 2:00 p.m. (PT) on a business day will be processed that day
  • Save details of frequent recipients for fast and easy recurring wires
  • Send funds domestically or internationally in U.S. dollars or foreign currency
  • Schedule one-time future dated or recurring wire transfers
  • Notify wire recipients by email when funds have been sent.
  • Multiple DBA's? Choose the one from which you want the wire processed.
See the schedule of fees for all accounts and fees.