The Simplest Way to Teach Kids About Money…
Is to Start Young

Start Young accounts give your children real, hands-on tools for making real-life financial decisions—with you by their side.

Open Accounts

Encourage Saving
and Responsible Spending

Together From the Start

Start Young Accounts give kids hands-on experience in handling money. And, while you monitor their progress and set limits online, you are also reinforcing godly values about money that will continue to grow with them.

Savings and Spending Accounts – Debit Card – Online and Mobile Banking – Online Budgeting

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Early Start

Jump Start

Flying Start

Watch what happens
when you Start Young

Spending Alert

Built-in protections, parental monitoring and customizable alerts help you guide their spending decisions. You can sit right beside them using dual account access, or monitor from a distance with the mobile app.

Family Icons

The First Debit Card for Responsible Kids

Youth Debit Card

Part of training your child to use money wisely is giving them tools to understand different ways money can be used. Start Young Visa® Debit Card is included with each account as an introduction to digital spending.

Parental Controls and Monitoring – No Monthly Fees1 – No Overdraft Fees1

You can control card access, set spending limits, and provide a safe environment for teaching your child how to make responsible purchasing decisions in person or online.

Features For Kids:

  • No monthly or overdraft fees1
  • Secure transactions
  • Allows online, in-store and ATM transactions
  • Accountability for purchase decisions

Features For You:

  • Easy deposits and transfers
  • Full parental controls over spending limits
  • 24/7 parental monitoring and alert options

Start Young, Finish Strong

Godly values about money—and practical skills for using it

Instilling responsibility, character and stewardship in your child is not a one-time event. Start Young accounts help you train your children to appreciate, grow and guard their money, while giving you the tools to help monitor their progress as they mature. Check out more FREE resources from ECCU to help your kids Start Young saving, growing, giving.

1Please refer to ECCU's Account Agreement and Disclosures and Personal Account Information and Fee Schedule for complete information about each account. All account rates, agreements, terms, and conditions offered are subject to change without notice.